Poetry Changes Lives

Poetry, History and Thoughts for Daily Improvement

An Ideal Gift for Poetry and History Lovers

A Book with 365 Inspiring Insights

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This book is aimed at people who appreciate history and poetry and anyone in recovery from addiction.

Each page has a snippet from history, for example the page for October 30th mentions Orson Welles who “suffered from being told at a young age that he was perfect”. This is followed by a relevant poem. The Orson Welles story is followed by a Gerard Manly Hopkins poem called The Habit of Perfection. The page ends with a one-line thought for the day.

Poetry Changes Lives is an ideal gift which often finds its way onto the bedside table, where it can be looked at last thing at night or first thing in the morning.

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Why the title?

Christopher Burn: I chose the title because poetry really did change my life. I love the way poetry makes me feel. When I am low it gives me hope, when I am sad it makes me happy and when bored it gives me interest. By changing my feelings, it changes my thoughts and actions and that is how it changes my life.

Why a page-a-day?

Christopher Burn: History’s details interest me more than the main events. I would rather know Marie Antoinette’s last words at the guillotine — ‘I am sorry Sir, I did not mean to put it there’ (she trod on the executioner’s foot) — than the reasons for the French Revolution. Adding a poem that is in some way linked to this event adds yet more insight. The daily thought at the end of each poem is intended to help the reader to start in a positive frame of mind.

About the Author

Christopher Burn is a psychotherapist based in the Scottish borders (click to read his biography). Poetry has always been a faithful companion, giving him inspiration in the most difficult moments. His motivation for writing Poetry Changes Lives was to share his passion for poetry and the quirkier, more personal, side of history.


Truly, a source for healing.

Professor Jonathan Chick, Editor-in Chief, Alcohol and Alcoholism

Each day offers us a gigantic package of facts, creativity and healthy introspection.

Stephanie Wolfe Murray, founder of Canongate Press

The book is a treasure…I have it with me every day to read today’s thoughts and sneak a peek at tomorrow’s.

Dr Jim Craig

Poetry for the mind and soul.

Olivia Ianculescu, Amazon reviewer

A fantastic read. More of a companion than just a book.

J. Seagull, Amazon reviewer

This would make a great gift for anyone who has a lust for knowledge.

Rae Philips, Amazon reviewer

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